Orchidaceae subtribe Aeridinae

Currently focusing on the genus Vanda

Welcome to Orchidaceae subtribe Aeridinae

Welcome to the eMonocot Scratchpad site for the subtribe Aeridinae, in the tribe Vandeae (Orchidaceae) - which is currently focusing on gathering content for the genus Vanda.

Thanks to the generous support of the Swiss Orchid Foundation, based at the Herbarium Jany Renz at the Institute of Botany, University of Basel, Switzerland, and sponsored by Buehlmann Laboratories and Syngenta, content for this site was developed under the auspices of the Swiss Orchid Research Award 2013, in conjunction with the publication of Renziana III: Vanda. More information is available here.


Vanda liouvillei

Creator: A. Finet

Vanda fuscoviridis

Creator: John Lindley

Vanda javierae

Creator: Hans Fessel and Emil Lückel

Vanda ampullacea

Creator: Lauren Gardiner
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