Orchidaceae subtribe Aeridinae

Currently focusing on the genus Vanda

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In early 2014, thanks to the generous support of the Swiss Orchid Foundation, based at the Herbarium Jany Renz at the Institute of Botany, University of Basel, Switzerland, and sponsored by Buehlmann Laboratories and Syngenta, content for this site was developed under the auspices of the Swiss Orchid Research Award 2013.

Renziana III: Vanda

As part of the Swiss Orchid Research Award 2013, in November 2013, the third edition of Renziana was published by the Swiss Orchid Foundation. Dedicated to the genus Vanda, the volume contains the most up-to-date classification of the genus, according to the new DNA-based phylogeny, and every species is illustrated. Over 110 beautiful full colour photographs are included, along with accessible articles in English and German on the morphology, distribution, ecology, exploitation, about historical aspects such as the discovery of the import and the beginnings of cultivation and growth of experts to detailed advice on the cultivation and growth of Vanda at home.

Copies can be ordered from: http://orchid.unibas.ch/site.renziana-order.php

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